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"Stampede are the good guys;

committed and easy to

communicate with. The services

they offer are invaluable to us."  



Mr Clone (Anti-Clone)

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"Rob is a passionate guy, whose

enthusiasm for the bands and

music he’s representing shines

through in his work." 



Nick Ruskell (Reviews Editor)

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"Stampede is passionate about our scene and advocating for new bands, and always operates with professionalism and drive."



Eleanor Goodman (Deputy Editor)

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"Fantastic, hard working, honest,

trustworthy and realistic. Stampede

put their heart and soul into working

with you."



Sinéad Labella (Courtesans)


"With Stampede you get much

more. They offer much needed

counsel when trying to make

sense of the ever changing

music industry." 


Pete Pagoni (Idlewar)

Pete garage

"Stampede and Rob have been

vital to our story. They are

everything you need and want from

PR and then some..."



Scott Sharp (Illustr8ors)

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"Stampede are pulling on

the kind of experience that is only accrued through many years working within the music industry."


Carl Davis (Krysthla)

"Great company and hard working

good people. SOiL use Stampede

and they kick ass. Hire them now!"



Tim King (SOiL)

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"It's clear that Rob is passionate about music...  A fan should know what makes your fans tick. Stampede has their finger on the pulse."


Tony Wright / Leigh Marklew (Terrorvision)

"Imaginative, cutting edge, in the

know, reliable... we highly

recommend Stampede."



Kip Winger (WInger/Grammy nominee)

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