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By Stampede Press UK, Jun 2 2017 10:33AM

Previous Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses winners From Eden To Exile are celebrating the release of their debut album with a new music video and an extensive run of UK show dates announced for this summer.

Watch 'Sentiment' (official music video):

Following Terrorizer Magazine's premiere of the music video, the Northampton metal group’s new studio album is now available at hmv, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital outlets.

Praise for the new album ‘Modern Disdain’, out now via Attic Records / PHD.

"… Chunky beatdowns and commendable dexterity bubbling through…" - Metal Hammer

Featured track one on latest Terrorizer Fear Candy CD

"'Modern Disdain' is a bit of a blinder" - Powerplay Magazine

"From Eden To Exile are going to dominate" - Stencil Mag

"An excellent debut album" - Lords Of Metal

"From Eden To Exile bare their souls... an electrifying experience" - RAMzine

"Brutal... dynamic and beautifully executed..." - Rock N’ Load

From Eden To Exile live:

9th June - BOLTON Alma Inn

23rd June - LONDON Nambucca

24th June - LUTON The Castle Tavern

30th June - NORTHAMPTON The Lab

14th July - ASHFORD The Attic

15th July - ANDOVER The Rockhouse

From Eden To Exile / Vendetta UKHC UK Tour

24th Aug - ASHFORD The Attic

25th Aug - HASTINGS Flairz

26th Aug - PETERBOROUGH Met Lounge

31st Aug - BANBURY Wheatsheaf

1st Sep - BOURNEMOUTH The Anvil

2nd Sep - KETTERING Prince Of Wales

3rd Sep - BRIGHTON Prince Albert

. Official Website

. From Eden To Exile on Facebook

By Stampede Press UK, May 22 2017 03:18PM

Amplified Open Air Festival has confirmed its final line-up with the announcement that legendary Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell and his band The Bastard Sons will headline the main stage on Saturday night, 22nd July 2017. The group joins other stage headline acts including Puddle Of Mudd, Reef, Acid Reign, Diamond Head, Evil Scarecrow, Raging Speedhorn, Astroid Boys and Milk Teeth.

"It's great to be headlining this brand new festival showcasing the best in U.K. Rock and Metal. See you guys there!" – Phil Campbell

Amplifed is also excited to announce that they will be giving away in conjunction with Blade

Harley-Davidson, Cheltenham a unique one-off motorcycle to one lucky ticket holder at this year's festival. The 'Iron Man' themed Sportster XL833N custom built for the Harley Davidson 'Battle Of The Kings' event with paint livery by Reborn To Be Wild along with the special blue light-up Iron Man chest piece could be yours.

At a cost value of £10,000 with an approximate £2,000 worth of customisation, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A UNIQUE ONE-OFF!

Full details about this amazing opportunity plus terms and conditions can be found at

Tickets on sale now:

Adult weekend £80 (includes camping and free parking)

VIP weekend £125 (includes camping and free parking + backstage access)

Day tickets £45

Discounted group saver offers are also available or via SEE Tickets:

By Stampede Press UK, May 16 2017 08:48AM

We’ve been seeing public awareness for mental health grow and in recent times more concern for musician’s well-being in this fast evolving music industry.

As someone that quit a full-time ‘traditional’ job in my late twenties to join a band and then go on to form my own business in my late thirties, I strongly feel the need to highlight concern about mental health. Not just for musicians, but also for people who work behind the scenes in the music industry and struggle with keeping a balanced mental well-being. I’m one of those people.

Like many, through hard work I am extremely grateful for opportunities the music industry has given me. Respect where respect’s due, I’ve been fortunate to meet good people that have enabled me to continue doing what I do. However, like many others, my time spent working in this business has had an adverse effect. Stress and anxiety is an all too common thing nowadays. The easy connection to

social media and the internet (in my opinion) has bred negativity and unrealistic outlooks that are easily confused with challenging possibilities.

The internet gives us a warped reality and seemingly offers up opportunities that are easily within reach when the truth is the music business is one of the tougher business to be in. Add to this that the hard rock & metal market is extremely small when compared to the likes of pop, hip hop and r&b genres.

The “rock star” no longer exists in the rock world. Rock is dead in the sense of it being a cash cow and from my experience, the majority of people that work in the offices of music companies are doing it because they love music. If a career choice was based on the money, working in the music business is probably not going to be the first option people choose.

I don’t claim to know everything and everyone. What I know is from my own journey and meeting great experienced people along the way who have been in the business a long time and/or understand the current standing of the music industry. Thanks to these people, I feel like I have a handle on the situation, but it’s taken me a while to get here.

Trying to help people on their own journeys understand my perspective can be tough and an emotional task for both sides. I’ve been asked on occasions to manage bands but the honest truth is that’s just not me. There’s still too much artistry in me and I prefer to mentor bands, giving them honest advice and show them the pitfalls I’ve fallen into on my journey, so that it helps them avoid what’s happened to me.

Flashback… In 2008 I was still playing in Panic Cell and if I look back, we were still achieving good things. Yet at the time, I just felt like there was no financial longevity in what we were doing and after spending six years fully immersing myself in the band both onstage and behind the scenes, the “crash” finally started to settle in. I tried to leave the band on a few occasions but was dissuaded. A big part of me still had that “But what if ” can do attitude (I still do). And so, for two years I continued, but all the while I was sinking deeper and deeper into a miserable place. I started to develop stress and anxiety, and so began my battle. It was in 2011 that I finally came crashing down and announced that I was leaving the band, and it was around then the awareness I wasn’t firing on all cylinders was realised.

I was experiencing problems in my sleep. I was waking up in the middle of the night in sheer panic. As time went by, the problem really manifested itself. I began having seizures, waking up panicking as my body convulsed to the point that I thought I was being lifted off the bed. The nearest I can describe this terrifying experience is epilepsy. On a few occasions an ambulance had to be called out and I was taken to hospital. This went on for four+ years. I was placed on epilepsy medication which combats these “night terrors” and whilst itlooks like I’m stuck with the meds for life, they have had a positive effect.

After numerous appointments with medical staff, they couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with me, but it was agreed that stress and anxiety was a major factor, if not THE factor as to why I was experiencing these seizures. Fortunately these experiences have got better.

In this industry, I find there’s always going to be an element of self-doubt, “am I good enough” attitude, but it is something that can be worked out eventually and you learn to deal with – if you want to work in this business.

As for business… it’s not a faceless organisation. It’s made up of human beings all trying to do the best they can about something that’s supposed to be fun and passionate for them. But, passion in this world can be lost so quickly now-days. There’s a fine line between success and failure and the two are blurred constantly.

I question sometimes why I do what I do and why I seemingly won’t go back to a “traditional job”. It all stems from the fact that I care, a lot. For instance, I might hear a story from a band or a friend in the music industry about a negative situation where they have been wronged and that just spurs me on to do something right. A lot of what I do is about giving something back, because we are all in this together and if we can’t pass on the lesson of learning from a mistake to help others, what’s the point? Mentoring, in my opinion, is more precious than ever, especially in a world that’s constantly looking for its next fix and doesn’t take enough time to savour the riches that’s come before.

My biggest fear for the generation coming through now is how they handle working in the industry and how long the potentially great bands and people will last if they don’t have a realistic support network and understanding how to navigate the industry. Social media is here to stay and it’s not a fast track to fame and fortune. Common sense, experience and mentoring is more crucial than ever.

Bottom line: there are no guarantees. But if you are good at what you do, have potential and are willing to listen, learn, commit and sacrifice; then there is success to be had. How success is measured is entirely down to you and if that’s not managed realistically; this is where things can go wrong. Surround yourself around good experienced people, and never be afraid to listen and talk, and never ever fear failure. It happens to us all. What counts is trying and savouring the victories, no matter how small.

Photo credits: Mark Latham Photography

From surviving to thriving: building a mentally healthier Britain by

First published by RAMzine 11th May 2017:

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 29 2017 04:24PM

Scuzz TV has playlisted breaking extreme metal band Krysthla's 'The Minor Mystery Of Death'

Krysthla's music video features on Scuzz's new playlist, alongside the latest videos by Asking Alexandria / We Are Harlot vocalist Danny Worsnop ('High'), and The One Hundred's 'Monster'.

Tune into SCUZZ TV on Sky channel 367.

2017 has been another big year for Krysthla, with the release of their sophomore album 'Peace In Our Time', which saw the group break into Amazon's UK 'Hard Rock / Metal' chart at number 2; sandwiched between Deep Purple's 'Infinite', and Mastodon's 'Emperor Of Sand'.

Don't miss Krysthla live at Amplified Festival this July, with Puddle Of Mudd, REEF, Acid Reign, Diamond Head, Evil Scarecrow, Anti-Clone, Courtesans, illustr8ors and many more.

. Official Website

. Krysthla on Facebook

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 29 2017 03:31PM

Classic Rock Magazine #236 'Film Noir' (debut album review):

"Ultra-catchy... there's something refreshingly no-nonsense about 'Film Noir'"

Hellbound Hearts 'Broken Hearted' video premiere at Team Rock:

('Broken Hearted' features) "a chorus that'll stick in your head for days."

Classic Rock 'Tracks Of The Week' w/ Stone Sour, Zakk Sabbath, Highly Suspect and more:

"This new tune (all about “when you realise the world is not a beautiful place”) from the Yorkshire-based alt rockers is both brooding and fantastically catchy."

UPDATE (5th May) - Hellbound Hearts crowned TRACK OF THE WEEK, with Stone Sour in 2nd place and Bad Company placed third:

. Official Website

. Hellbound Hearts on Facebook

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 27 2017 01:55PM

Raging Speedhorn, Astroid Boys, Milk Teeth and Heck have been confirmed for Amplified Open Air 2017.

This new UK live event takes place in Gloucestershire at Quarrydowns, Northleach on the 21st to the 23rd of July, with stage headliners including REEF, Puddle Of Mudd, Diamond Head, Acid Reign and Evil Scarecrow. Saturday's main stage headliner is to be announced soon.

Raging Speedhorn drummer Gordon Morrison says, "We can't wait to play Amplified fest this year with such an amazing line up it's going to be a banging weekend. I just hope you guys are ready for us!"

With a bill showcasing a wealth of rock, metal and alternative talent which includes the likes of Trapt, As Lions, Anti-Clone, The Fallen State, Courtesans, Krysthla, Oni, Conjurer and many more; this exciting new festival is not to be missed.

Tickets for Amplified Open Air are available directly through the festival’s website, with weekend tickets only £80 (including FREE camping and parking) and with VIP nearing sold out status, now's the time to GET AMPED!

Check out the event poster for a full lineup of the bands confirmed so far.


Instagram: amplifiedrocks

Twitter: @amplified2017

Facebook: Amplified Festival


By Stampede Press UK, Apr 13 2017 01:42PM


. Planet Rock Radio playlist:

. Classic Rock Magazine 'Tracks Of The Week':

'Sun Stroke Heart' voted runner up:

New hard rock blues band SAMARKIND's lead single 'Sun Stroke Heart' doesn't miss a beat. Wasting no time introducing itself with locked down grooves, layers of quality soundscapes and stunning, memorable melody hooks weaving a tapestry throughout the track. Classic yet undeniably modern in its delivery, this is a true musical treat for rock fans.


The multi-national group, which features charismatic Irish frontman David Paul Byrne (formally teenage wunderkind singer for successful hard rock band Assassin - a time that saw them tour with Def Leppard, Status Quo, WASP, Manowar and more - and featured vocalist on 80's cult movie 'Trick Or Treat' starring Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons), showcases sublime vocals which are accompanied by the talents of sensational Polish guitarist Michal Kulbaka, Ireland's Mark Dempsey on bass guitar, and South African born drummer Marius Appelgryn.


"'Sun Stroke Heart' has this uplifting vibe yet brooding undertones", the Samarkind frontman explains, "it's a dark tale of resentment at being let down by those close to us, particularly for me during a time when I was in Spain living a lifestyle in the sun, while underneath feeling a dark emotional pain. Although not aimed at anyone in particular, I feel the song conveys a sense of hurt that we all sometimes feel."

Recorded at Westland Studio in Dublin with producer Alwyn Walker: Samarkind are currently putting the final touches to their debut album, with a release date set to be announced for later this year.

Samarkind is:

David Paul Byrne - Vocals

Michal Kulbaka - Guitar

Mark Dempsey - Bass

Marius Appelgryn - Drums

. Official Website

. Samarkind on Facebook

Photo credit: Michelle La Grue Photography

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 11 2017 05:00PM

The UK's number one metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air, has confirmed the finals for this year's Metal 2 The Masses. Championing the new blood of heavy metal, M2TM 2017 has been the biggest year yet for this fiercely contested event, which will see winners given the opportunity to play a 30 minute set on the New Blood Stage at BOA '17 PLUS other priceless opportunities for winning bands with the potential to take their music career to the next level.

Metal 2 The Masses Finals:

22nd April COVENTRY Arches Venue

23rd April BRIGHTON The Green Door Store

28th April SWINDON Level III at The Rolleston

29th April SHEFFIELD Mulberry Tavern

12th May BELFAST Limelight Belfast 2

13th May DUBLIN Fibber Magees

19th May GLASGOW Ivory Blacks

20th May INVERNESS Mad Hatters

21st May CARISLE The Brickyard

26th May WOLVERHAMPTON The Giffard Arms

27th May LEICESTER De Montfort Hall

28th May GRAVESEND Red Lion

3rd June SANDES (NORWAY) Tribute

16th June SALTASH Livewire

17th June CARDIFF Fuel Rock Club

23rd July NEWCASTLE Trillians

23rd June BURNSLEY Sanctuary Rock Bar


24th June NOTTINGHAM The Maze

25th June MANCHESTER Rebellion

30th June HITCHIN Club 85

1st July LONDON Scala

2nd July BRISTOL Exchange

7th July OXFORD The Bullingdon

7th July LINCOLNSHIRE Café INDIEpendent

8th July SELBY The Venue Selby

8th July BOURNEMOUTH Anvil Rockbar

8th July NORTHANTS The Prince Of Wales

9th July BIRMINGHAM The Roadhouse

More info:

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 9 2017 09:38AM

Following the release of their sophomore album, 'Peace In Our Time', this past Friday: UK extreme metal band Krysthla has broken into Amazon UK's official chart.

The new album hit the number two spot, sandwiched between Deep Purple and Mastodon, alongside other new releases by Kreator, While She Sleeps, Bodycount and more.

Krysthla's stunning new album has also cracked Amazon's mainstream chart, sitting high in the ranks alongside popular Top 40 artists Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, James Blunt and Rag'N'Bone Man.

'Peace In Our Time' is the second album to be released by the Northamptonshire metal group and follows on from the success of their 2015 debut record 'A War Of Souls And Desires'.

. Official Website

. Krysthla on Facebook

By Stampede Press UK, Apr 3 2017 06:00AM

British doom pop group announced for Bloodstock Festival ahead of new EP release

"Awesomely dark" - Kerrang! Magazine

"Finally, an alternative rock band you can believe in. Courtesans f**king rule." - Dom Lawson

Rising stars Courtesans have been invited to perform live at the UK’s number one metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air, at Catton Park, Derbyshire this Summer. Courtesans play the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday, 13th August 2017.

Demonstrating musical diversity and making waves with their forthcoming new EP release, this extraordinary band joins an extraordinary bill which includes Amon Amarth, Ghost, Megadeth, Skindred, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed, Testament, King 810 and many more.

Courtesans vocalist Sinead La Bella says, “To perform at Bloodstock is incredible exciting. It’s a huge honour to play the Sophie Lancaster Stage, her legacy is at the heart of our ethics. We are advocates of equality and have a zero tolerance to any form of prejudice. We hope to raise a few eyebrows and stir some s**t up!"

Ahead of the release of their EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’, Courtesans are streaming a new track, ‘Knowhere’:

‘Better Safe Than Sober, the new ep by Courtesans, is out now.

Courtesans live:

5th May - BRIGHTON, Green Door Store

3rd June – SHEFFIELD, Mosfest

23rd July - GLOUCESTER, Amplified Festival

13th August – WALTON ON TRENT, Bloodstock Festival

More dates to be confirmed.

. Courtesans on Facebook

. Bloodstock official website

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